M.A.F. core: from left to right:

Mark Burghgraeve, Peter Wynen, Alain Oosterlink.


MAF started  in the garage of 't Steegsken with a bunch of talented artists.

The first MAF Pop-up gallery opened its doors 22 december 2016.

MAF had by then already grown into a platform supporting many artists in a non-profit way, independent and self-sustaining.

Our vision quickly resulted in a growing number of artists and supporters, for which we needed a location to expose them, so we ended up in the Keistraat 1.

But then again, more space means more artists…

​Well, we are proud to say we are home to 35 artists and remodeled 5 empty commercial spaces into worthy pop-up galleries or exposition spaces.

Now, under a new flag, we continue giving artists a place on the web, but momentarily discontinued the pop-up galeries for various reasons.

Also, we have new policies...

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