Math Artist Foundation is an independant platform where artists can show & sell their work. It is an open network and has no restrictions regarding exclusive rights. All rights are with the artists. Artists can link to their personal websites, allowing you to make contact with them personally and make deals behind our backs.


Math Artist Foundation asks a small fee for this service, in order to keep it going.

Math Artist Foundation brings together people with different skills offers opportunities to network among artists - photographers - videoproducers - sculptors - etc.

Math Artist Foundation promotes young talent & old rogues.

Math Artist Foundation wants you to buy art, so that an often weaker side of society can earn some money, we're ok btw.

Math Artist Foundation is an answer to the declining political will to support free thinking, the decay of free trade.

Math Artist Foundation is cool because some of us really do know math.

Math Artist Foundation is also cool with the ones who don't.

Math Artist Foundation has out-of-the-box thinkers that wait for your support, please buy or donate & enjoy the site.

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