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Mark Burghgraeve







Mark Burghgraeve was born in 1961.

He studied photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp.

In the 80-ties he was a bouncer at the infamous club "Zazou" and the new-wave dancing "Plaza" to pay for the rent and his studies at the Royal Academy of Antwerp. And believe it or not, he was also a photo model.

Commercial AKAI Photo by Pavel Čermák

He's a multimedia artist and graphic-, video- & sound-designer with experience in 2D and 3D computer graphics, sound & light engineering and VR.From young age, he tampered with electronics. His first "performances" were feedback patches on a broken amp, combined with self made tape effects. After hearing Klaus Schutze on the radio he got his first synth: a Korg MS10, soon followed by MS20, an SQ10 Sequencer, and a VC10 Vocoder. Inspired by Kraftwerk, Human League, Fad Gadget, Tubeway Army, The Residents, Der Plan and more from the late 70's, he created M.BRYO & D.M.T. during the eighties he started with Somnambulist, in the new Millennium he constructed KOYT!

M.BRYO at KASKA 1979

left:  Mark Burghgraeve, right: Gert Wyninckx                                                    photo: Claire Vereecken

With minimal resources and the support of his friend, Stefan van Elsen, they released cassettes on "Central Tapes" , a cassette label with limited editions. He constructed the original KLINIK together with Marc Verhaeghen and Guy Drieghe D, based on a theater play "Kaspar Hauser" he acted in by Guy Cassiers at Club Moral.

the KLINIK at TOMTOM Antwerp 1982

left:  Marc Verhaeghen, right: Mark Burghgraeve                                              photo: Claire Vereecken

Mark met Guy Cassiers during the AKT play "Geruchten"  where he was actor/dancer. He joined him to act in "Kasper". Later, he became his light & sound engineer for the plays "Tristan", "De Cementen Tuin" & "Sneeuw" and at  performances of Guy with Club Moral and other like the "Hobospelen". He produced the album "Daidalus" from the play with the same name.He also volunteered as a light & sound technician at "Paljas", a private theater, run by Gerd De Ley.

He collaborated with Jan Fabre for the installation "Homo Faber". Worked with Niki Mono, Bill Leeb, Mike Shelter, Brainpilot & Trans 4-m with  Stefan Van Elsen KLINIK, Insekt, Vomito Negro, For Greater Good, Dark Poem, Hybryds, Les Boufons Tristes with Peter Geysels, Grasjas and other bands and as computer graphics artist or live technician and musician.

He made soundscapes & music and did some computer programming for film, theatre & dance productions with Alex Van Geet, Miss Kiran Singh, Elaine Shipman, Steven Daniels, Tone Brulin, Jef Cassiers, Guy Cassiers, John Gilbert Colman, Eric Joris & Crew with "KAUFHAUS INFERNO", Club Moral's "Blanco", Stef Viane "Schaduwen", Luk Perceval & de Blauwe Maandag Companie for "De Meeuw" and "Pinokio", De Nieuwe Danserije, Jan Gruyaert...

He made artwork for Jan Fabre, Wim Delvoye, Wessel-Di-Wesseli, Peter Wynen...


in 1997, he presented a virtual world, based on a dodecahedron at MUHKA during the "Pythia meets Pythagoras" exhibition together with KasjaNoova. Later he did her computer stuff.

Movieposter "Road Rabbit" by Alex Van Geet

He worked as one of the first computer graphics artists in Belgium at Diabolo cv. (in fact, there were two of us) and created presentations for Quick, GB-Inno-BM, Agfa Gevaert, Keyware, Fabrimetal magazine, Trends magazine. Later made illustrations for some newspapers like "Eurosail", an illustration covering the whole middle page of several newspapers and a 3d illustration "death scene of the pope" for De Morgen.

He became graphic designer for Atacom with Guy Drieghe D., Zero with Alain Oosterlinck & Lieven Van Den Abeele, Graphic Zoo & Jupiter graphics and was a teacher in 2D micro-montage & 3D modeling, texturing & animating at HIGRO/KISP in Ghent.


He started "VIA", a weekly cultural agenda on 52 video screens that played from 52 U-matic players at different public places in Antwerp, with the help of Lu Van Orshoven & Eric Lorillier.

For a brief moment he worked at Kreon, where he installed & programmed a 2D scan-plan-print-workflow in MiniCad and also did 2D & 3D light simulation.

He designed and programmed interactive presentations for VidiSquare.

For instance the "DataNews Year Awards". 3D animations for Aquarius (Coca Cola company), Xtreme Sports Ware and Microsoft Messenger with Eric Joris.
Between 1995 and 2012 he became graphic designer at WCC ZuiderPersHuis.

M.Bryo and
Somnambulist are projects starting from the late 70ties and early 80ties of whom in May 2007 a split 7" was released on Vinyl by the American Minimal Wave label.


KOYT! Was formed & deformed in 2005.


In 2011, Somnambulist "the Withered Land" was released on Vinyl on the Belgian Walhalla label.


He appeared on several compilations from mainly Walhalla and KK records.

On Audio Cassette mainly by Central Tapes & Club Moral.


In 2018 the Double Album " Things I was due to forget -  M.BRYO & D.M.T. from 1979 to 2005" will come out on the French label Nuit et Brouillard, a double album on Vinyl and on CD, soon available at discogs.

Recently, he has also joined forces with Mark Verhaeghen again to "Reset" the KLINIK and is the founder of The House of the Thepaphone, a collective of independent artists.

He is the co-founder of and web designer/builder for Math Artists (MAF)

Nowadays, He performs on rare occasions and makes digital artwork which he occasionally shows at exhibitions (for instance MAF, Open Ateliers & the Backyard house) and makes artwork on demand at Math Artists, see below, more to come...

exposition "Meerminnen" with KasjaNoova at Math Artists video by Alain Oosterlinck

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