Mietje Boonen



Born: Kinrooi, Belgium 1939

Painter, illustrator, graphic artist.

Studied fashion in Antwerp. Was winner of the contest for fashion drawing organized by "International Menco" (Netherlands).

Trained to be a fine arts teacher at the St. Maria Institute in Antwerp.

From 1972 on she decided to exclusively concentrate on her career as a painter.

Paints dreamy, poetic female figures, sometimes with a slightly erotic atmosphere.

From the press:


"The women of M.B. clamp their lips stubbornly. They are silent. Not because they have nothing to say. But because they despise the viewer and scornfuly smirk at his opinion. They are unreal characters from an undefined time, conjured up in equally unreal colours that almost imperceptibly merge into each other. Their robes -because we can hardly speak of clothing on these untouchable beings- are as indefinable as they themselves. And, even when these ethereal creatures sometimes leave a naive impression, they are confident of their beauty and flaunt perkily with every fold of their body, that they show off proudly, defiantly and smugly in all its pagan splendor.

"(T. Rombouts)

She has realized, amongst others, assignments for the "Crazy Horse" in Paris, several murals and has designed posters. First exhibition in Ostend in 1970. Then exhibited her work in the Gallery "Margaret Boeve" in Assenede in 1975, at the "Art Center" in Toronto / Canada in 1976, in the Gallery "Sphinx" in Antwerp in 1979, the "Centre Municipal" in Le Touquet / France in 1979, in the Gallery "Coninck" Amersfoort / The Netherlands in 1983, "Artexpo" in Dallas / USA in 1983 and 1984, in the Gallery "Het Zwanenpand" in Antwerp in 1988 and 1989, in the Gallery "Présences "in Knokke in 1990, in the Gallery" Christiane Cloots "in Brussels in 1991. She was permanently represented in the Gallery "Sphinx" in Antwerp.

Currently she wos with the Math Artist Foundation.

Contact: info.mathartist@gmail.com

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